Pet E

An idea for e-waste as a pet, 2021

The idea of ‘Pet E’ is the second idea that came to mind while researching “How to coexist with Electronic Waste.” The first idea presented as a strategy for living in a digital society with e-waste was “E-waste instrument,” or playful obsolescence. After that, as the second idea, I suggest imagining e-waste as an object to take care of and love live pets or plants.

previous idea: playful obsolescence 1, playful obsolescence 2


E-wastes (which cannot be fully recycled or disposed of) will continue to pile up in the future. Thus we will have to think about how to live well with this toxic and unpleasant e-waste anyhow. I want to embrace the wasted electronics as the way it looks - not recycle or up-cycle them. So, I got a bit of funny and playful imagination: I look at this garbage as an object to take care of and give love.



I’ve planted a piece of electronic waste in a spare pot. However, I’m not sure yet how to take care of this new kind of pet. There are many ways to look after pets or plants. Like that, treating e-waste as a pet, we - as a responsible caretaker - will need a creative, fun, and (moreover) safe manual.