Participated Exhibition/ Festival(performance)

A pop-up shop event for ‘Data Cleansing Guide Book’, SAPY(Seoul Artists’ Platform New&Young), Seoul, South Korea, 10-11.Apr.

Unscene2020, Vurt, Seoul, South Korea, 22-23.Dec.
RE:Search:Gallery RE:Discovery residency presentation, NP3, Groningen, Netherlands, 26-29.Aug.
TEC ART, WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 5-9.Feb.
Grand Opening “The Magic of ARTificial Intelligence” by Women in AI, Sofitel The Grand, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 27.Jan.

Instruments Make Play Fair, WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 14.Dec.
Technologie-kunstexpo, ECP jaar congres 2019, Fokker Terminal, The Hague, Netherlands, 14.Nov.
WeSA 2019, Platform-L, Seoul, South Korea, 27-28.Sep.
Gogbot festival 2019, Enschede, Netherlands, 5-8.Sep.
(Un)formed, Graduation show Academie Minerva, Suikerfabriek, Groningen, Netherlands, 22-27.Jun.
Stukafest, Groningen, Netherlands, 28.Feb.

The Train that Sailed (Winter Wel Vaart 2018), Theaterskip Bald’r, Groningen, Netherlands, 21.Dec.
Instruments Make Play Fair, WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 08.Dec.
TutTotTud, Grand Theatre, Groningen, Netherlands, 12-13.Nov.
Terzetto, SIGN, Groningen, Netherlands, 03-25.Nov.
Forking Room: Your Smart Neighborhood, PostTerritoryUjeongguk, Seoul, South Korea, 01-04.Nov.
Shaky Grounds Festival, Academie Minerva, Groningen, Netherlands, 08-10.Jun.
Betontegel(sound festival), Groningen, Netherlands, 18.May
Het Rumoer(sound festival), WolkenFabriek, Groningen, Netherlands, 31.03-01.Apr.

OrbitFest, Synagoge Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands, 15-17.Dec.
Final show of ‘Studies in Vibration’, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany, 26.May


Data Cleansing Day, workshop for cleaning up digital data, Zero Makes Zero & Woman Open Tech Lab, Seoul, South Korea, 30.May&06.Jun.
Data Cleansing Workshop, workshop for cleaning up digital data, SAPY(Seoul Artists’ Platform New&Young), Seoul, South Korea, 27-28.Feb.

circuit-bending pre-study: DIY e-waste analog synthesizer, Woman Open Tech Lab, Seoul, South Korea, 31.Oct.
Data Cleansing Day, online workshop for cleaning up digital data to reduce digital carbon footprint, NP3 gallery, Groningen, Netherlands, 03-04.Oct.
ZOOM-DIY-SOUND, online workshop for e-waste analog synthesizer, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea, 22-23.Aug.

Mini workshop for DIY e-waste instrument, ETAT space, Groningen, Netherlands, 27.Apr.


Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies, 2021-current
Dept. of Environmental Planning(Master); Environmental Management

Degree from Frank Mohr Institute, 2019
MA in Fine Art and Design; MADtech(Media, Art, Design & Technology)

Degree from Seoul National University, 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Bachelor of Arts in Information Science and Culture

Supplementary education
School of Machines, Making & Make-believe, May-Jun.2017

CV for art career in pdf
CV for job in pdf